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Puzzle Crazy

Love puzzles? An educational assistant and I found teaching a challenged student how to put together puzzles on was very rewarding. In the beginning he insisted over and over again, "I can’t. Too hard." The first week he’d sometimes yell at the monitor. But something happened. Like puzzle pieces, something came together and clicked for him. He realized that he could do this. He also discovered that he had control. He could change the size, style, and number of pieces. He could choose the images. And he quickly found that in the library, he could always find a friend to sit at a computer next to his and race him in putting together the puzzles. 

While I love the images listed, sometimes I want more details about what I’m seeing. Where did it come from? What’s it called? Who created it? Take this puzzle that I enjoy putting together. Do you see China Sunset?

Click to Mix and Solve
HAH! If you have a blank image, you’ll have to click on the white square and you’ll be taken to the puzzle on It’s called China Sunset but who painted it and when? I don’t know. Guess I’ll have to go research this.

You can customize your puzzles, upload your own images plus embed them in a blog. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Oh, yes, and if you figure out why one minute I’m looking at a beautiful image of the puzzle, but when it loads, I have a blank square, let me know please. Hello, gremlins? Could I have my blog back?