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I have a secret! Shhhhh! It’s so good and I’m so excited that I might explode if I don’t share it soon. telephone_shhh.GIFArghhhhhhh! I have to wait just a bit more, but as soon as I can, I’ll share it right here with you. First, yes, you will hear before my mother does. Sorry, Mom!

Stay tuned……

Oh, yes, and on an unrelated topic. If I ever don’t blog for a couple days in a row, somebody email me and tell me to go to the doctor right then. I delayed being ill until school was over, then until the holiday was over. Came home coughing from the dust and slept 23.5 hours. You have to remember that I like sleeping 4 hours a night 5 -6 nights a week. Sleeping too much gives me headaches. 

When the kiddos tried to take me to the doctor, I just insisted I was too sick to leave my bed. You know the routine, by the time you go to the doctor, you get a lovely shot in the tush plus 4 meds that you’ve never even heard of before. Am I an experimental guinea pig or what? All because every classroom but 5 in my building has teachers changing rooms and grade levels! They stirred up so much dust moving things and having me deal with dusty equipment that it settled in my lungs. My sons were quite gleeful that it was my turn to get the shot for waiting too long to seek help. Everyone assures me that the shot is magical. Hmm. Off to take my pearly cough meds.