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Locking Myself In

Warning! Another massive set of blog posts will be coming through this week. The books are piling up and actually moving around in the night. You might believe the cats are doing it, but books appear in strange places in the morning as if to scream "Read me next!!!" I checked and there are no doggy teeth marks so Marshall and Lucy are off the hook. 

I have procrastinated long enough. I even cleaned the backyard, piled up and sorted all the trash for the dump, cleaned the cat litter box, did ALL this week’s dishes that were hiding in my sons’ rooms, read Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, and most of God Emperor of Dune, and trimmed all the hedges while wearing high heels and in a dress. My sons have taken both cars out and I can’t go anywhere fun like to the public library until I finish blogging about some of these topics taking over my house. 

Time to sit down and go to work. The heat in my house is 88 degrees and I’m pouting at having so much work to do because I chose to babysit for two special needs kids this week instead of write. I have only myself to blame for my laziness. <sigh> Beware.