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Practically Paradise
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Update on diversions

Eight phone calls received needing me to make 7 calls. 
Dog who got her toenail caught in an afghan. Dogs can sound incredibly pitiful when they are scared.
Neighbor who called to ask if my family in Iowa was okay or if they’d been blown away tonight. Yes, they are fine and thank you for the reminder that adrenaline can be good for you.
Son#3 on first date checks in to update me on his arrival. 
Son#2 calls to ask me everything I know about ZZ Top since he’s at their concert. (It took text message for me to hear him)
Son#4 calls to complain about his dad.
Son#1 and girlfriend call to ask how much writing I’ve done tonight since they’ve removed all distractions. I reassure them that I’m loving the quiet uninterrupted time and accomplishing much on this Saturday night.

Typical blogger night on Saturday. Wonder how my packrat game is going on Facebook? Focus, Focus, Write.