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Juvenile Diabetes First Facts

Juvenile Diabetes by Jason Glaser (Capstone Press, 2007) is written at a second grade level so is accessible, but still will not have enough information for most kids. This is a quick overview that almost "sugarcoats" the disorder, but it is part of the First Facts series so it’s not intended to be the be-all-end-all guide to diabetes. It is a good book to have so other students can read about disorders of their classmates, siblings, and friends. I just don’t want you to stop purchasing there.

Why do I say it "sugarcoats" juvenile diabetes? There is a photo of a foot infection on the page for "What Happens Without Treatment?" but the harsh potentials seem downplayed. I know I have to be fair and say this book isn’t meant to scare children. There are a few other titles out there with more information for older children, but not many of them have the colorful photos you find here. Where’s the information on healthy lifestyles? We have info on eating a balanced diet and avoiding sweets. What about exercise and it’s effect?

Why did I pick this title to write about tonight? In the Hands On section at the back of the book, the directions for "how to create an Old Diabetes test" are given. This involves pouring sweet vs. sour liquids near ants. The note at the bottom gave the history of Greek doctors pouring patient urine near anthills to test for attraction. Urine becomes sweeter if there is more sugar in it so ants are attracted. 

Can you guess what happened when I leaned over the deck and shared this info with the 6 teens playing basketball in my yard? Yes, you guessed it. They immediately tested themselves and came back to tell me none of them were diabetic. I’m sure my neighbors wonder just what’s going on here.  Good to know my sons passed the old Greek test. 

Maybe I’ll go remind them about Prostate cancer and eating beans next. Is there a book out there on the importance of cleaning your room before fungus grows on your socks?