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My new school library not set up

Transitioning from elementary to middle school is exciting and scary. I walked into the "reading room" yesterday to see they had delivered all the boxes and equipment. Now, where do I begin? How can I set this library up to be more than a classroom and a showcase of literature and potential knowledge, but to be an inspiration for exploration, a haven for tweens/teens, and a collaborative exciting locale for learning?

My friend Michael Tyler answered my call to come document this with photos so you, my readers, can journey with me as I try, make mistakes, and discover new ideas in building this library.

Readers, I hope you noted the clean desks because I can promise you mine will never be empty again. 
Here is my very favorite photo of all. Before Michael arrived I was standing beside the cardboard cutoff of JFK talking to him. I wanted to talk about having this library be true to his spirit of democracy. I was reassured to see the rocking chair that was a replica of his. I couldn’t be part of a library without a rocking chair. Now, on to establishing the stuff so that I can then focus on the people. 


  1. Carl Harvey says:

    A clean, fresh slate full of possibilities. I’m certain it will be a wonderful learning experience! How exciting!

  2. Deb Logan says:

    Wow & congrats! I spent 11.5 years in middle school and loved it. You will have a GREAT time.

  3. Maryellen says:

    WOW! Looks like a lot of work to me, but happy work! Didn’t they say that teachers and school librarians got the summers off? That certainly isn’t true anymore,is it?!?!?
    Have fun!

  4. Alice Yucht says:

    You will have a BLAST in middle school! I’m sure that you will create a colorful and exciting library that will truly become the heart of the school.