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OT: All about my pets

If you hate dogs and cats, don’t read this. It is totally off topic and has nothing to do with school libraries except it makes me happy and if this school librarian isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. 

 KitKat: What’s this? A suitcase?! I know about these things. They have lots of pockets, but when I put my babies in here, I was in trouble. 

Wait a moment? Are you going somewhere without checking with me?

Milia: KitKat, did you say she’s leaving? Mom, is this so? Who will I curl up next to in bed? We have all those terrible youngsters running around and you’re the only one keeping me safe!

Kitten #1 and #2: Did you hear that kittens? She’s going away and that means Marshall is going to come in and give us baths ALL THE TIME.  

Kitten #3: She couldn’t possibly leave us. We’re still so tiny. I can still fit in her hands and they’re small to begin with. 

Kitten #4: I’m getting out of here before she puts me in a box again and little kids come to play with me.

Kitten #4 and #5: Time is of the essence. Do I have to drag you out of here?!

Kitten #2 AKA Badger (oops, a name): I’m going to use this cardboard to ship myself out of here.

Kitten #6: MamaKat, I can’t handle the stress. I need to nurse now!

KitKat: Poor me! Who is going to play with these kittens while she’s gone. I’m surrounded.

Lucy GoodGirl: Mom, you just came back from Minnesota. How can you do this to me? I’m so sad.

Marshall T. Rex: Don’t worry, everybody. I’m going to sit on her feet and keep her here.

I simply wanted to share a moment in my life when the animals realized that open suitcase meant I was going to be leaving them again. Currently in my house live

  • 2 16 year old boys #3 and #4 sons
  • Marshall T. (TeddyBear) Rex who is a German shepherd who survived a pit bull attack before 2007ALAMW
  • Lucy GoodGirl (never say b-a-d) who is a mix who thinks she is a border collie
  • Milia the calico?tortoiseshell rescue from a friend with allergies
  • KitKat AKA Mama Cat who went through a screen door one night before we could get her fixed
  • 6 Kittens which we are trying very hard not to name because they are just so darned cute


  1. Maryellen says:

    I think you’re crazy! I thought I was insane having two dogs! Such adorable animals, though! Perfect for cuddling up to with a book!