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OT: The last 2 animals

So in the last Off Topic post I listed who’s currently living in my house and included some photos. I forgot to include the biggest animals of all. The two 16 year old human animals (if you have had teens, you understand me). Here are my attempts to get a decent shot of #3 and #4 son. Too bad I wasn’t running the videocamera. You could have heard our conversation as to when THEY get to be #1 and #2 sons. Then they argued over the criteria for establishing rank.
Give me a smile, boys!

Please guys, just smile for the camera.

You two scare me.

Come on, Look like you're having fun.

Could you pretend you’re having fun with your brother?

If I don't get one great photo!
If I don’t get one great photo, I’m taking away your car keys and the spaghetti.

By the way, the answer is YES readers, I am very jealous of Tim’s long hair. He won’t even let me braid it. The hairdresser said he’d be perfect for ethnic movie pics.

Jake caught this picture of Badger and shy Kitten #4
#4 son  proved to me that he was a better animal photographer. He caught shy Kitten #4 hiding behind #2 Badger. Badger is very curious and comes out to see if you’re going to play every time she hears you. 

Some of you asked me about the things around the kittens. I brought my hundreds of personal stuffed animals home from school and put them on top of the bed. None of the boys who visited were going to sleep with stuffed animals, so they eventually all went under the bed. When KitKat had her babies, she chose to make a wall of stuffed animals all around them for protection. I hate to break the news to her that they aren’t real.


  1. Maryellen says:

    Fun to see the whole family! Your #3 and #4 sons are a good looking pair! The cats are adorable!