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Staples to the rescue

Not the teeny-tiny metal that holds my paperwork together, but the red & white chain office superstore less than 3 miles from my house. Wed. night as I prepare to put suitcases in the car for my lovely trip to the airport at 4 a.m. I realize that <gasp> I have no business cards!

Some of you are thinking "so what? big deal." Remember I am transitioning jobs. My mail, my prizes, my books all will go astray since I can’t remember my new address yet. All the people I intend to befriend won’t be able to remember me. What if someone wants to send me a free book? What if an author wants to visit my school?

At 8:20 p.m. I’m visiting Trendity in the copy services at Staples to obtain plain, simple, text-filled cards. Before 8:45 p.m. I’m walking out with 500 business cards for only $14.95. Usually 100 cards costs $19.95 but they are running a special. 

I didn’t have to buy more ink for my home printer which I had just used up printing several thousand documents for AASL, ALA, council, etc. I didn’t have to buy the expensive business card stock. I didn’t have to design anything myself (which is good because I obsess for hours on cute icons). I didn’t have to swear at the printer when the paper went in sideways, the ink smeared, it jammed, etc. I didn’t have to wait for the ink to dry then separate all the cards and put them in a bag. 

Nope, I watched their machine spit out the extra heavy card stock and then a new machine I’d never seen cut them precisely. The clerk Trendity put them in two boxes precisely and I was out. So, Trendity, thank you for helping me out at the end of your very busy day and making sure I have a card to give to everyone. Since these are plain cards and don’t reflect my dynamic spirit, I intend to give them out to EVERYONE so I have an excuse to go back and make more interesting cards with pictures. Thank you Staples for helping me get the little things done so I can go focus on big issues.