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ALA Conference photos

More photos. I am so visually oriented. Hopefully these pictures will communicate more to you than my ramblings.

Saw this Gnomon’s Workshop booth and was very curious. They offer DVD’s of graphical artist training. Who is their market? Middle School students up to professionals is the answer. 

I was impressed with the indepth training on graphic novel illustration, anime, and so much more. 

I’ve seen the high school curriculums with graphic design courses and those art teachers need these DVD’s.

Randal McKee has a new book on Chinese papercrafts. He designed an insect mask while I was there that would make a fun up-date to my masks for Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears. 

Vendors were frantically rolling this series of 4 posters to give attendees. While advertising their popular teen biographies, there is a clear message at the top. 

I could only remember 3. Were they Read Think Create and Speak or was it something else? I’m going to have to go back to the Mason Crest booth to doublecheck my notes. 

While I visited, I pled for them to ship a set of posters to my school so I wouldn’t crush them in my bags. They said "YES"! I need to ask more often.

I asked different vendors what they recommended and took snapshots so I wouldn’t forget.
What an opportunity?! 

Tell McFarland about your book proposal. Just that thought made going to the exhibit hall worthwhile. I decided to wander around and see if there were other options for this. Linworth Publishing and Paula Jackson are happy to share their publishing schedule if you are interested in writing for them. Several other publishers suggested I stop by to chat about article and book writing. Sometimes I forget that I’m a reader, not a writer, and get carried away with the thought that I, too, could be a book author. Oooo.

Author Sara Pennypacker was available to sign her latest Clementine book. I fell in love with Clementine, then adored the Talented Clementine. Now I understand that it’s because if I had a girl, she would be a cross between Piper Reed and Clementine

One of the secrets of the exhibit hall is that Sage Publishing offers beverages. Not just water, but Diet Pepsi. Thank you, Sage group! 

Bet you didn’t know that you can bring your families to ALA. These two adorable girls were gathering their loot (I mean maximizing their relationships with vendors) while their mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother worked. Don’t you wish you could bring your children with you? My sons could carry more books for me and I’d have their weight limits on the airlines. They don’t need as many clothes as I do anyway. I could fill their suitcases with books, too. I’m going to go call #3 and #4 sons and ask if they’d like to go to Midwinter in Denver this year. If you have younger children, ALA does have Child Care. The ALA-APA group and ALA are concerned with Workplace Wellness and those of us with children. Worth checking out. Yes, this might eliminate some of your "excuses" for professional involvement if you discover that you really can have a family and be active nationally, so be careful. Reading and thinking can be dangerous to complacency.

When I slipped away for a Young Adult luncheon with Candlewick Publishing, I noticed Richie Parthington dining in Downtown Disney. Made me feel like paparazzi as I snuck this picture. Due to the abilities of digital cameras, I could hold mine at the waist and sneak a shot while I was looking the other direction. Very sneaky.

A perk of all those hours of meetings I attend is that sometimes I can sit towards the front and take photos of the speakers. Here are two quick shots of Ron Reagan: