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ALA Conference Special Events Photos

Here are some quick shots from some "special events" at the ALA conference and more exhibit info. 

Authors were signing throughout the conference. I slipped out of a meeting to get my copy of this book. (Don’t tell anyone) The author’s daughter experienced "madness" as a teen. This story appealed to me as the author’s family dealt with mental illness and the author recognized that I was a member of the club. I don’t think they have a MHI-ANON (mental health illness anonymous for families).  


The tea cup was immense. Filled with 3 teabags and a special promotion, I’ll remember to go read Three Cups of Tea.
Did you know they are going to create two different children’s versions? One is a reader’s version and the other is picture book based. Won’t be out until Spring, 2009, but I’m on the lookout.

Some author signing lines went out of booths, around corners, and down hallways.

The India for Everyone booth offered knowledgeable people and many resources. Plus we agree that this vendor is absolutely gorgeous so we had to take her picture.

Aha! Another booth with GEOLOGY RESOURCES. Mikaya Press has a great poster "Geology is boring.. NOT!" Love it. I need it.

Mo Willems is just soooo cool. I met his parents last night at a reception before the Caldecott/Newbery Banquet. While my preschool & autistic children loved Knuffle Bunny (1 & 2), I have a secret favorite for two other characters. 

Get there early if you want a signed ARC. Nancy Werlin gave out every ARC of her new book Impossible. If you notice, the empty display on the right has a sign telling people not to take those books because they are display copies only.

Candlewick Lunch:
So excited to visit Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen and meet these young adults. They were readers, reviewers, musicians, and writers. Suzy (reading Falling Hard) is the teacher who brought them. Ed (in the calm shirt) is known for his reviewing of every notable book out there. While Betsy Franco was so frank and earnest in discussing her poetry collections by students, I enjoyed hearing the students’ comments most. Can’t wait for their books to start appearing. They have a very mature outlook on the writing process and accepting criticism. I can learn from them.

Affiliate Assembly Region IV  (TN, VA, KY, NC, SC, WV)

AASL Affiliate Assembly members gather twice during ALA Annual conference to share information throughout our regions and the nation. We also bring to the attention of AASL Board concerns and commendations. As I assume responsibilities for ALA Exec Board, I will have to give up my leadership as director-elect of Region 4. I wanted to simply share some photos to let you know we have fun together. You should be part. This is a special grassroots school library group that has an impact and is heard. In fact, AASL President-elect Ann M. Martin dropped by Region IV to listen carefully.