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Holly Bloom’s Garden (artists)

Holly Bloom’s Garden written by Sarah Ashman and Nancy Parent illustrated by Lori Mitchell 32 color pages, ages 4-8 Paperback, ISBN 978-0979974601, April 2008 Hardcover, ISBN 0972922504, April 2004 I’m happy to see this is in paperback so more readers will have access in classroom collections. I still need the hardcover for an elementary library, […]

Alley Oops (bullies)

Bullies? Anyone have problems with bullying in your school? If you said, "no," you are either lying to me or clueless. Bullying is the biggest problem kids talk about in school. They don’t obsess that they don’t have the designer clothes or mechanical pencils. They worry because someone is being mean to them or their friends and they […]

Independent publishers

 Recently I received a package of books from Flash Light Press and the Independent Publishers Group. I didn’t know I’d received it, because I was out of town at the time and #4 son had set it with a pile of boxes I’m moving from one school to another. Fortunately the company followed up to […]

Are you on a state readers’ choice committee?

Most states have special awards for children and young adults’ favorite books. Either adults or students create a list, narrow it down, and then students read from a "select" list to vote for their favorite. Some committees only accept suggestions from students, some committees rely solely on experts, some welcome preview titles from publishers, and some […]

Shh! Don’t touch that box. It must be dangerous

I was unpacking a library when I found a box labeled: Inappropriate to Shelve. "What does that mean?" I wondered. "Are they worn out? Is there something wrong with them? Are they potentially hazardous chemical journals for would-be terrorists?" No. It seems they are books that "some people" were afraid might trigger a book challenge […]