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ALA Wearing me out

ALA annual conference is so fun, but my feet are absolutely worn out, blistered, and swollen. I’d take a photo of them, but I try not to put horror films on my blog on Tuesday mornings. Instead, let me share other images:

Wes Studi and Diane Chen. WOW! I’m so star struck. I may have put this image up earlier, but I was so excited to chat with Wes Studi Sunday night that I had to look at it again.

I loved Wes’ portrayal of Lt. Joe Leaphorn in the PBS versions of Tony Hillerman’s novels. Wes scared me tremendously with his intense portrayals in The Last of the Mohicans and Dances with Wolves. I enjoyed conversing with him on being Cherokee and portraying so many different nations on film.

Most of us were learning much about the work with native children and indigenous languages. Most of us were amazed at the claymation productions and artwork of presenters. Most of us were studying the issues of all children, languages, and respect for cultures.

Still, there were a large number of people in the crowd echoing one of the member’s statements that "You are an amazingly good looking man."  Wes and I even had a chuckle over the "script" that he had to read as the emcee for the event. When he was able to speak freely without the script, he was a delight. 

Thank you, Loriene Roy, for not only bringing up vitally important topics to study, but also good-lucking emcee’s. (By the way, if I offend anyone for injecting this star-struckness to the blog, too bad for you. I’m the one attending meetings from 7 a.m. until midnight for six days with only 5 minute breaks. I deserve a moment of visual pleasure.)

Wabi Sabi illustrated by Ed Young. I have been waiting for this over one year since I caught a glimpse of the illustrations last year. The story behind this book is news. I’m hoping that someone writes this up for you. I was just so excited to hold this book in my hands. Unfortunately due to Council time conflicts, I was unable to get Ed Young’s autograph on my copy.
Ann Dutton Ewbanks models the Vote for Libraries t-shirts available to everyone contacting legislators today during Virtual Library Legislative Day.
How can I possibly recall all the books I need to purchase? Lists don’t mean as much to me as the image of the cover. I will remember much more about the books I examine if I take a visual representation (aka photo) home. Thanks to all the publishers that let me photograph books that I needed to add to my wishlists. More books for me to order. Daniel Boone is a character that needs to be explored for realities and myths of our history.
KiKi is a new tween magazine that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I’ll be writing more about this soon. Have you seen it? Safe! Real girls, not models. Smarts appreciated.
Are you hungry yet? There were meals in meetings, with vendors, carts everywhere, and opportunities to grab a quick bite in the sun. TLC looks deceptively simple, but they had the best reading light of the conference. Push a button and the light unfolds mechanically. I will be soooo cool when my teens see this. I’m rather tired this last day of council because I stayed up using this light to read for 3 hours last night.
Peter from Facts on File let me snap this photo of him enjoying lunch outside in the wonderful Anaheim weather. If you need a conference location, this one has been so delightful. I wanted to sit on the bench beside Peter and chat about all libraries and good food during lunch.
I would love to have these sculptures in my yard at home, in the school courtyards and at the local public libraries. Wouldn’t you?!

Fun Furniture. I don’t think these rep’s know how to relax. Let’s show them.

Here is someone using the Big Cozy Furniture.

I’m simply testing the furniture. Thanks, Big Cozy Books! Your furniture is as comfortable and fun as it looks. Who would have dreamed that I’d need an eraser as a pillow?