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HH did it!

Tim Jones, Sean Harrigan and the staff at Henry Holt & Co. did it! They read my blog plea for a poster based upon the book Who Ate All the Cookie Dough, then they created one. You can go download it in pdf format. 

Thanks to permission from the publishers I was able to incorporate Who Ate All the Cookie Dough into a CPS Powerpoint presentation with interactive questions and features. I needed a simple story with interaction and repetition so I could easily involve the listener. This fit the bill perfectly. I now have an excellent introduction to using the CPS clickers and my Chalkboard with the very youngest students in school. As soon as I figure out how to share this, I’ll post it. 

Thanks, Henry Holt for being so responsive. Now, my head is swollen with delusions of grandeur and the power of pleading on blogs.


  1. Kathy Ishizuka says:

    Nice going, Diane!