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Independent publishers Recently I received a package of books from Flash Light Press and the Independent Publishers Group. I didn’t know I’d received it, because I was out of town at the time and #4 son had set it with a pile of boxes I’m moving from one school to another. Fortunately the company followed up to ask if I’d seen it and I started digging through the kitten playground (AKA stacked boxes) and found it this week. 

I’m so glad I opened this box. Inside were picture books that are treasures to read. Looking through the catalog I found some of the titles had made it on to state award lists, but I had never seen the majority. Why not? Access, I’m sure. I decided more of us bloggers need to actively highlight the independent publishers, so this week I’ll take time to chat about some of these titles. That’s just in case you are like me and sometimes miss one or two. 

I have this theory that some of you never click the bold-faced Read More link for these blogs, so I’m going to try to post individual mentions of each title as an experiment. Yes, readers, you are my lab rats. Let’s begin the experiment.