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Blog Artist TedE integrates jazz, art & lit

A great book, amazing music, art supplies, and the imagination of a child, and what do you have …..  SOMETHING AMAZING!!!! Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. By no means is it that I have a lack of good books!!  It’s just that I’ve had an amazingly full & wonderful summer. I hope […]

HH did it!

Tim Jones, Sean Harrigan and the staff at Henry Holt & Co. did it! They read my blog plea for a poster based upon the book Who Ate All the Cookie Dough, then they created one. You can go download it in pdf format.  Thanks to permission from the publishers I was able to incorporate […]

Nonfiction GS Earth’s Rocks and Fossils

Gareth Stevens Publishing (a weekly reader company) produced a series called Planet Earth. I have been carrying around the title Earth’s Rocks and Fossils because the pictures intrigue me. I like the cover illustration and keep imagining me there instead of the scientists pictured. Let’s take advantage of Nonfiction Monday to explore this title in a […]

Nonfiction Loving

So sorry to seem to have neglected nonfiction on Mondays lately. Do not mistake my randomness for slighting nonfiction. I am still very passionate about nonfiction and in particular what we can do with nonfiction series books. Today I want to ponder perceptions of nonfiction. While returning from ALA last week, I spent time in the […]

Sat Night Art Crawl

First Saturday night in Nashville is set aside for the ART CRAWL. Unfortunately I wore my feet out at ALA Annual and couldn’t handle the gallery crawl (and trolley-ride) through town. Michael Tyler and David Goodman to the rescue. If I still want to be part of the art scene, but can’t move, why not volunteer […]

"Big" ALA

I am not speaking officially in any capacity here, but only as a person. I heard the phrase "Big ALA" the other day as if it were something lofty and beyond the individual.  Logically, everyone is part of "Big" ALA because in order to join a division, roundtable, committee, and/or interest group within ALA, you […]

ALA Banquet Survival

(Be sure to click READ MORE to see more pictures and read on) I lived through it. Here are some shots of one of my conference roomies – Nancy Dickinson, director on the AASL Board. Nancy’s dress is lovely. She is so classy. This chickie is no "red carpet" gal. I was too shy to show […]

ALA Wearing me out

ALA annual conference is so fun, but my feet are absolutely worn out, blistered, and swollen. I’d take a photo of them, but I try not to put horror films on my blog on Tuesday mornings. Instead, let me share other images: Wes Studi and Diane Chen. WOW! I’m so star struck. I may have […]

ALA Virtual Leg Day

Today is Virtual Library Day on the Hill! Go to to write your Members of Congress about the importance of libraries. Participate in Virtual Library Day on the Hill! We are looking for librarians and library supporters from across the country to call attention to the value of today’s libraries, as well as the […]

ALA Still is FUN

I’m still having fun at ALA. I wish you’d take out an envelope and put $1 in it. There, that wasn’t so bad. Just put another one in every day and you’ll have enough for your flight to Denver next January for ALA Midwinter. Put in a couple more $’s and you’ll have your hotel […]