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We Beat the Street

Listen to your teachers. What titles have they read that excited them? Since I’m new to the "strictly middle We Beat The Streetschool" environment, I’m spending much of my time listening to teachers. Thankfully! Otherwise, I’d have missed the book We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenins, and Rameck Hunt with Sharon M. Draper. 

Reading this book has motivated me to work so much harder. Can I be the person who helps someone else beat the street//the odds/their environment/their family situations? 

I can’t rave about this book enough. I especially like the format which will break up the narrative to include the doctors giving insight into what happened at each point of their lives. The structure makes this book lively, interactive, and REAL. 

No wonder Ms Martin had 25 hardbound copies in her room. You can bet that I’ll be purchasing more for the library immediately. If you need a review to back up your purchases, here are snippets from SLJ reviewer Francisca Goldsmith:

Grade 7 Up–The Three Doctors, as the subjects of this inspirational book call both themselves and their nonprofit foundation, grew up in a tough neighborhood in Newark, NJ. …Draper tells an epiphanic story featuring each of the young men by turn, followed by his comments on how a single event affected him across time.Draper adds dialogue and evokes the pivotal moment in each vignette as though it were a scene in one of her realistic novels. … The writing here, whether Draper’s or the doctors’, is simple and accessible and there is plenty of action for reluctant readers."

Thanks, Ms Martin for alerting me to this important book. I was so single-mindedly devoted to elementary students before, I had missed this title. Readers, any others like this that are so motivational and positive?