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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

"This is YOUR library… If there aren’t enough manga books here, whose fault is it?" I asked my 6-8th graders during their visits the first 7 days of school. 

When someone hesitantly said, "Yours?" I dramatically reacted with, "How can it be my fault? This is my first week here. This is YOUR library. You’re in charge of suggesting new books. If I don’t know what you want, I can’t go get it."

After a bunch of giggles as the students realized I’m not their sterotypical librarian, these teenagers leaned forward and started to think. I put out a huge blue bag that said @ your library, some post-it notes, and lots of writing tools and GOT OUT OF THE WAY!  They worked. They browsed the shelves. They frantically compared notes with each other, scratched their heads recalling titles, and wrote as fast as they could.

They averaged five minutes per class to add to the bag while they checked out their first 2 books for the school year. Everyone HAD to have a book or they couldn’t leave so I wasn’t sure I’d get any feedback at all. Without filtering, cleaning up or commenting on any of their notes, I’m posting their responses so you can see what’s currently interesting them:


Manga / Anime / Graphic Novels

P.S. Longer Letter Later by Danziger

Island: Shipwrecked series by Gordan Korman

Dog Training commands

Red Kayak by Cummings

Seeing Red

Clique series
Twilight series

Bluford High



Eragon – Eldest- the third one

House of Night series

R. L. Stine mystery books

St. Iggy – Goings

Fat Kid Rules the World

Stuck in Neutral

A Child Called It – Lost Boy – all sequels

How to Draw Cars

Comics – Spiderman/Marvel – Hulk – Ironman – Batman

The Red Mask by Edgar Allen Poe

Trumpet – Music Instrument

Vampire Kisses

Diary of Anne Frank
Ender’s Game
A Path to Destruction
The Young Man and the Sea

The Freedom Writer’s Diary

Magazine – Game Informer
Magazine – Low Rider
Magazine – Thresher Skateboard 
Soccer Magazines
Football Magazines
Crime Scene Magazines
Magazine J-14
Stargirl and Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Chris Crutcher books

Sharon Draper books – Tears of a Tiger
more Warriors books by Erin Hunter

Cheerleading Books
Dance Books
Thirteen Reasons Why!
Song Books
Skateboard books
Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb books
Football books
Wildlife Animals books
Sugar Gliders books
More Reptile books
More World Record books
Celebrity Biographies – Beoncye
Ghost Picture Books

More Origami books

More Scary books

More Paranormal books

A to Z Mystery books
Forensic Science
Crime Scenes books
Telling Christina Goodbye
Library of Doom series by Dahl
Books about cats
Chad’s Inspirational book
Teenagers preparing for the real world
Tony Dungy’s The Inspirational book
Tony Dungy’s You Can Do It 
Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength
Walter Mosley 
Devil in a Blue Dress series
Cook Books on Foreign Food
Dragon Hunter
Dragon Head
Jing the King of Bandits
The Gun
Horror books by Christopher Pike
R.L. Stine’s Fear Street
V.C. Andrews books
True Confidential Series
Basketball Posters
Football Posters
More Posters


Death Note


Dragon Ball Z


Zatchbell Harcenogo



Vampire Knight

One Piece


Shamon King

Dragon Drive


Shonen Jump

Preist ? Priest
Fruits basket
Digi Cherat
Childi Vampire
Elemental Gelade
Kingdom Hearts
One Piece
Ruroni Kenshin

Now, where to begin….? I plan to pick up sons #2, 3, and 4 to help me examine anime and manga this weekend. They think we’ll be relaxing before attending the Wilson County Fair. Silly boys! They should remember they’re my best guinea pigs. Remember the Life cereal commercials with Mikey? We could make our own with book reading and #3-#4 sons. "They won’t read it. They won’t read anything…" What? They like it?!


  1. Great idea, Diane.

  2. Deb Logan says:

    You rock. Love the idea!