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Revolutionary War & The Revolution of Sabine!

I saved blogging about this title until closer to release date although the waiting nearly did me in. The Revolution The Revolution of Sabineof Sabine by Beth Levine Ain is being released by Candlewick Press on September 9th  for ages 12 and up. ISBN 978-0-7636-3396-7, 224 pages, $16.99 

"Loved it! Teenage girl in France coming of age and wanting to control her destiny. Learns that finding herself is far more important." – those are the words I put on GoodReads in the ten seconds I had.

Those phrases don’t convey the way Sabine haunted me after reading this story. I wanted to demand that Social Studies teachers offer this title in U.S. History, even though this is set entirely in France. Self-determination and making choices to control one’s destiny empower this story. Through Sabine we explore the aristocrasy of France and the radical ideas of early America being supported by Benjamin Franklin in salons and taverns in France. 

Sabine is a love story as well as a coming of age story. It contains surprises for the jaded and satisfies the romantic while it stirs feelings of dissastifaction and disenchantment that will haunt you. I have received many requests for romance in books, and I’m happy to add Sabine to my collection. Hopefully girls who dismiss arguing over concepts of democracy will discover themselves drawn to the discussion.

During my Freshman year at BVU, we experienced a special Freshman Core program in January where every student was broken into diverse groups with faculty leaders. We read the same materials, saw the same films, and had similar discussions. The topic of my freshman year was on war and peace. We read the documents that helped found our nation. We argued intensely and passionately. We listened and discovered that there were other view points than our own small town "sameness." This program helped differentiate college studies from high school. College students were expected to consider a topic and invoke personal reactions. Active learning instead of passively being told their roles in history and their future.

Through reading the Revelation of Sabine, hopefully readers will be stirred to question their roles in society and what they simply choose to accept without thinking. I hope Sabine haunts you as she has me.