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Where to start reading?

It’s a HOLIDAY weekend. Where should I go? What should I do? I know… I’ll stay home, turn off my cell phone, and read. Heavenly bliss! Reading everything I want and anything I want. Yes, I know I should be reading and blogging those nonfiction series books, but I also want to catch up on some fictional novels that have been neglected the past few years. Am I the only one who hadn’t taken time to read The House of Scorpions, New Moon, and Hoot? If it wasn’t in my curriculum age-group, was I allowed to set it aside? Yes, but now I have those ages and I have a great deal of reading to catch up with. 

Bear with me as we marathon read again. So far I have finished several picture books like Happy Birthday to You, chapter books for YA, nonfiction history series, and the entire series of Authors of Banned Books. I want to talk about all of them. Will I have enough time to blog about them all? We’ll see. 

I’m trying to balance my reading. I ran statistics for my circulation in the middle school the first two weeks of checkout. So far we circulated over 2,000 items with 51% being fiction and 49% being nonfiction and biographies. These aren’t books to meet research needs. These are the free choices of students. I’ve been watching for gender differences during this time period. I’m finding a very slight difference in the number of boys vs girls who prefer to check out two nonfiction titles at a time. There is almost an equal number of boys and girls choosing one fiction and one nonfiction each time. 

The RM’s (reading machines) are checking out large novels at a fast and furious pace. They are keeping me on my toes with their demands. Teachers are beginning to come in for literature support for their lessons. I need to stay ahead and get back to reading. Stay tuned and share what you’re reading now.