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"Impossible" to forget

Impossible by Nancy Werlin. Dial Books (Penguin Putnam Inc.), September, 2008 ISBN: 978-0-8037-3002-1

Ever get a song stuck in your head? All day long subconsciously this song keeps coming up and you find yourself humming, singing under your breath, etc. Scarborough Fair is one of those songs. I visit the bread store and just see the word rosemary and my head is filled with the words "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme." Now, I have a book stuck in my head.

Nancy Werlin’s Impossible is an addictive novel that incorporates the song Scarborough Fair throughout. I love this title of fantasy, mystery, fairytale, and romance. I gave in to my need to hear the songs’ many versions and went on YouTube to compare Simon & Garfunkle’s version to the Celtic Women’s.

Impossible is a novel of depth and shows the years of contemplation that Nancy Werlin went through before it’s completion. Impossible is a well-nuanced novel of romance, fantasy, and modern research to solve an age-old curse. 
Be sure to view the short trailor on this book:

I couldn’t shed my obsession with the song or the trials the main character underwent, so I had to go back and re-read Impossible more thoroughly. Impossible is a satisfying story that doesn’t skip over reality and the hard aspects of teen life while it manages to incorporate the mysticism of the past with modern-day techno-research capabilities. While there is an age-old curse, the modern day teen and family don’t passively accept this, but actively research to combat and find a cure or a solution.

Definitely a wonderful middle and high school book since we are talking teen pregnancy, but I wouldn’t stop my mature readers from reading this early. There is a rape scene which almost has a dream-like-this-can’t-be-happening-sense without graphic details. You are told afterwards she was raped, but at the time I found myself saying, "No, that can’t be", "How could it happen?", and "Why didn’t we see this coming to prevent it?" My son told me I was actually talking out loud at the time, but he’s used to me reacting to books. The incident is handled very tactfully so I don’t anticipate any censors banging on my door. (Darn! I love a controversy.)

Let me add some information on what it took for me to get this title. Toni Buzzeo realized I was on the hunt for anything Nancy Werlin after reading her previous books (Double Helix,Double Helix cover The Rules of Survival) and loving them. Toni tried to get me a copy to read on the plane to ALA Annual, but it didn’t happen. I had scurried to the ALA exhibit hall where Nancy was autographing ARC’s of Impossible, but they were all gone when I got there. All the boxes were empty as was the display case. There was even a note telling people not to take her last copy. Jane Kurtz came to the rescue and mailed me her copy so I could fall in love with this book. (Thank you, Jane!)

Check out Nancy’s interview on The Compulsive Reader blog. I can’t wait to hear next week’s questions and answers. 
There is another interview on Librarilly Blonde, too, for those of us who are compulsive about needing to know everything about this book. 

Okay, since I am so obsessed with this book, I insist you join me in my obsession. GO buy this book immediately. Adults are going to love this, also, so don’t be ashamed to get your own copy. Nancy’s writing continues to excede my greatest expectations. No wonder she is a National Book Award finalist. I can’t wait to see the awards she reaps for Impossible.