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More Michael G. Montgomery and Fala

Sometimes you get what you wish for. Readers, thanks to Michael, I’m able to share with you the art page I raved about earlier this morning. Don’t you wish principal’s were as responsive with funds? Here’s some information from Michael and the picture from First Dog Fala. 

Creating the illustrations for Fala was a true joy. I have a West 
Highland Terrier named Kip who is always at my side when I work. 
Except for the color, the photos I saw of Fala were almost a dead 
ringer for Kip. The same scruffy, mischievous, look. Each time I 
painted Fala, I tried to envision Kip in the scene and imagine how he 
would react.

The fact that Fala actually lived and this was an accurate retelling 
of his life made the assignment a bit more emotional for me. I could 
not help but think of Fala in his later years dutifully waiting for 
his master to come home.

I felt honored that Peachtree chose me to illustrate First Dog Fala.

Thanks again, Michael. Readers, when I saw the picture of Arthur Prettyman,  I was very intrigued and attempted to find more information. I did not have much success. I could find photos of his widow, a gift of his that was being auctioned, and one tiny photo of him in the White House. Does anyone else believe there is a story here about this loyal assistant to FDR who was with him through the end?