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Can I Capture You?

Ever feel intimidated at the idea of speaking in front of large groups of people? Me, too. I’ve gotten better so I don’t have to vomit before every trip to the microphone – now I just don’t eat before those sessions. 

Fortunately along come webcasts where you don’t even have to look at me. You can focus on the content and on participating. I’m excited about this aspect, but now I have a new fear. What if no one comes? Argh! Something new to worry about. Please help calm this fear by going right now and registering for the Capturing Reluctant and Struggling Readers webcast for October 8th. 

I was worried about how we could do this, teach school, manage the library, and free up the time to participate. Then I thought about the positive spin. Try this opener with your principal:

"You know how I hate to close the library for an afternoon to drive across town for training or be gone for days to conferences? Now I won’t have to. October 8th I can sit at my desk and participate via the computer for just one hour in a professional webcast on Capturing Reluctant and Struggling Readers. There’s even fifteen minutes where I can ask questions.

I know this topic is vital for improving our reading scores and now I won’t have to be out of the building. I’ll just need your help in communicating to teachers that my one-hour of planning on October 8th will be at 1:00 p.m. CST so I can fully participate. 

It won’t even cost the school anything for me to attend as this is free through School Library Journal and Capstone Publishers. I’ll be able to document this for our professional development on the school improvement plan and the webcast will be archived for one year so I can take teachers through it for further training. 

Isn’t this exciting? I knew you’d want me to participate so I signed up this weekend. You or any educator interested can register online through School Library Journal’s website at by October 7th."