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Do you know Jake Maddox?

Jake Maddox. Author, book character, or series name for Stone Arch Books? As a cataloger, watching these books come in and out nonstop can be frustrating. You sit there wanting to tweak the record as soon as the books are on the shelf. Those darn books just won’t stay on the shelf long enough for you […]


How about spending a moment editing a wiki called SWOTlibraries? SWOT stands for: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats While I’m working this weekend on long-term visions, I will be part of a group exploring our organization using the SWOT methodology. Strengths and weaknesses are the internal part of your school, organization, or group. Opportunities and threats are […]

ARC’s and kids

Did you see the great article highlighted on SLJ’s home page today? It’s a link to the Publisher’s Weekly article School Librarians Connect Kids to Galleys. My students are so enthusiastically devouring all review books I have and the Advanced Reading Copies (ARC’s) of books that are coming soon. The students are sitting in informal […]

Glorious to be a school librarian

I’m in Chicago preparing for the fall ALA Executive board meeting and joint meeting of divisional leadership. As I met with Mary G for breakfast and raved on and on about my students, I realized I needed to just take a moment to ask you, "Isn’t it great and glorious to be a school librarian?" […]

The Devil’s Breath

David Gilman, author of The Devil’s Breath, has an interesting life story himself. Principal writer for the UK TV show A Touch of Frost, David has also worked as a firefighter, professional photographer, marketing manager, and served in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment Reconnaissance Platoon. The Devil’s Breath is the first of an eco-friendly teen super-fit […]

Guest Counselor Chery Tyler & Literature to Help

Cheryl Tyler blogs in part 3 today: Before I focus on literature I wanted to spend a non-academic moment to address the issue of our belief system. Amid our convictions, we possess prejudices—even if it’s prejudice against prejudiced people. It’s easy to vilify people who don’t believe like we do. For example last night someone […]

Kids Against Hunger

World Food Day is October 16th. How does this relate to books and students? The holiday season is approaching. Have you witnessed parents worrying about how they will feed their families? Does this impact students? Perhaps your school holds Canned Food Drives or Winter Coat Drives. The student council at my school recently planned their activities and chose leaders […]

Guest Counselor: Cheryl Tyler

Cheryl Tyler blogs in part two today: School bullying is an epidemic, and to ignore it is to ignore the single common thread among all the school shootings in America. We school professionals have the power and ability to (metaphorically) strong-arm the oppressor by our position. This “strong arm” is to teach our students to […]

Volunteer or give up the right to complain

Man! I’m not mincing words here. If you complain that not enough school librarians are represented on big ALA committees, have you completed your volunteer form yet? Better yet, have you personally committed to distributing this information so that you encourage other school librarians to get involved with you?  If not, you don’t have the […]

What are your thoughts on the draft AASL standards?

Finally I have spent some hours in contemplation of the second draft of the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action. Have you?  AASL members are encouraged to thoroughly examine and critique the contents. Feedback should be sent to by Wednesday, October 15, 2008. I’d like to suggest that even if you […]