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Why a PhD?

I have always wanted to be Dr. Di. Not necessarily a medical doctor, but a philospher/thinker/educator. While I’m busily serving on exec board, rearing the last son at home, and teaching, I am probably too busy to consider getting an advanced degree. But I want one. Why? I can’t really concisely describe this.

I want to go back to school and learning with people in a classroom, not just via blogs and listserv’s. I want to stretch my mind. I want to strive for something more, become something more, and have something more to offer. Is that a good enough reason?

What would I do with the degree? Well, of course, I’d get paid more in my same position, but I’d also incur tremendous debt obtaining this. Do I want to move to a different position? No, I don’t want to be in administration or academia removed from the school. I believe I can offer the most to students working with them daily and writing about them in my blog. I am involved professionally so I feel like I am helping colleagues. Is that enough? 

I can’t afford to begin a program. Surviving a divorce and taking on all the debt in today’s economy is a big enough struggle. I already worry that I have enough food in the cupboard for my teenager and enough gas to get to work. Should I extend myself even more? Will it be worth it in the end?

For those of you who have considered this in depth, would you comment and tell me what you think? Is the degree worth it? Is the pursuit of the degree enough? Is it best to participate in a program that is classroom based, totally online, or a mix of the two? 

There are many universities that will guide me in degrees in administration or curriculum & development. What about degrees in information science? Who has the best programs? 

I earned my MA in LIS in 1989. That’s nearly 20 years ago. I have "nearly" raised my children and can see a future down the road in 3 years when I’ll be debt free. Should I wait to begin a program?