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ARC’s and kids

Did you see the great article highlighted on SLJ’s home page today? It’s a link to the Publisher’s Weekly article School Librarians Connect Kids to Galleys. My students are so enthusiastically devouring all review books I have and the Advanced Reading Copies (ARC’s) of books that are coming soon. The students are sitting in informal spur-of-the-moment groups discussing the titles. Many come to me individually to discuss books. They keep writing reviews for our school wiki and appear ready to start blogging about the books so they can have their discussions in non-threatening ways. 

Now I have a unique problem: the students have driven a certain Language Arts teacher to distraction this year. They want to write real reviews and book blurbs for ARC’s to put on our wiki because they realized that "real people" (an authentic audience) reads what they write. The teacher has asked me if I can find 182 ARC’s before November 10th so every student in her classes can participate. I’m not sure if I have 182 ARC’s because I do try to read them quickly, review them, put them in a student reviewer’s hand, etc. Publishers, HELP!!!!!!!

If you have some extra ARC’s needing to go in students hands, please mail them to me at:

John F Kennedy Middle School
2087 Hobson Pike
Antioch, TN 37013

I know that I am not alone. There are many other librarians out there that want to do similar projects with the students. Your sales won’t go down. They’ll go up drastically. I give my students the ARC’s if they review them, then when the book is in, they can have their photograph taken with the final project. Try it out. Give us a chance to see your titles. Librarians, tell them you want the ARC’s.