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Glorious to be a school librarian

I’m in Chicago preparing for the fall ALA Executive board meeting and joint meeting of divisional leadership. As I met with Mary G for breakfast and raved on and on about my students, I realized I needed to just take a moment to ask you, "Isn’t it great and glorious to be a school librarian?"

We have individual relationships with our students, staff, administrators, and parents. We have professional leadership roles. We have curricular expertise and technical knowledge from which everyone can benefit. We can personally make a difference in the emotional and intellectual growth of each student. Wow! What an awesome job. And to make it even better, we get to play with, touch, savor, and share books. Wait! There’s more. We get to use technology to make lifelong learning exciting, meaningful, personal, and relevant. 

We really do have the best job in school. I hope you take a moment to savor your professional life today.