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Mike Graf – the author

Wanting to find out more about Mike Graf and how he integrated informational material into his realistic fictional series Adventures with the Parkers, I contacted Mike by phone. I learned that you could invite Mike Graf to your school in late May and early June this year. Mike will be touring the National Parks as part of his […]

Mike Graf & National Parks

You might have overlooked Mike Graf’s Adventures with the Parkers series  initially so I wanted to make sure you took the time to study them then to order more and put them in students’ hands. Remember growing up and reading about exotic places? Most of us decided to either go visit them as adults or live vicariously through more books. With […]

My family

Let me take a moment to share about my parents. They may not have anything materially (healthcare, income, savings, food) but they have so much to give of themselves.  Recently my mother was one of the volunteers who helped raise $50,000 for the Siouxland Sleep-Out in Sioux City, Iowa. Here’s part of her story in the article: One memorable story […]

What if the administrator isn’t supportive

Maria Peet wrote: I was reading your blog entry on how glorious it is to be a school librarian (Oct. 24th), and it brought such mixed feelings that I thought I would write you – what do you do when the circumstances are not how you describe: “We have individual relationships with our students, staff, […]

Jenny Schwartzberg’s Book Related Things to do this weekend

Jenny Schwartzberg from The Newberry Library wrote this great post on Child Lit and graciously agreed to share with all of you: I wanted to ask you all to think about taking your Thanksgiving Weekend family and friends who are visiting your local town or city to children’s book related things.  We talk about the importance […]

I NEED good to trample evil

While I am not in total control of what happens TO me, I can control how I respond. So… today I am reading and re-reading monster books. Vampires, werewolves, witches, pixies, you name it. Good is going to triumph and evil is going to get what it deserves.  One of those titles was an Advanced […]

When the going gets TOUGH

When the going gets TOUGH, the tough put on lip balm.  That’s because sometimes you just have to press your lips together and get through those tough times. Let’s look at this weekend: Friday morning we learn of the Nashville mayor’s confusing proposal to merge public and school libraries – without working with the school […]

Valuing Processing with $0 budget

Small town librarian left a comment for me in the post on Valuing My Time. I truly respect every librarian who has no budget and want to stand on my soap box to preach throughout the halls of administration because I know what you are talking about. I have taught in districts that gave me $500. My […]

Imagine Nation bookfairs

Imagine bookfairs done differently. Jason Johnson visited my school last spring to share information about Imagine Nation Books School Book Fairs. You might know the company for their corporate book fairs at hospitals and corporations. If you click through the About Us pages, you’ll recognize their history in the industry. Now they are reaching out to […]

Value My Time More

You librarians need to start valuing your time more. That’s what Eric Fitzgerald from Capstone Press told me. We were discussing book processing and librarians’ obsessive need to do it ourselves to have it perfect.  Did you know that you can make special requests of vendors? You can ask them to stamp your books or […]