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YALSA Lit Symposium

Ever realize you are so busy enjoying an event that you aren’t blogging it? I promise I will be posting much about the YALSA Literature Symposium going on in Nashville, TN as soon as it’s all over. Sorry you will have to wait, but I’m just having too much fun to pause. Hopefully others will be posting on the official wiki for YALSALIT08.  Here are a couple teasers from my flickr account:
yalsalit08 by you. ALA has many committees that you could be part.Wouldn’t you want to join the Oddyssey committee? 

If you aren’t here, you are missing an opportunity to hang out with authors like Patrick Jones, Mitali Perkins, Gene Luen Yang, etc.. Yes, Patrick I do like wrestling books, also. Here I am challenging him to compare hair. yalsalit08 by you.He says it’s not a contest, but he’s not the one attempting to grow his hair out so I’ll be the judge of that.

yalsalit08 by you.Helen Hemphill’s new book The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones is out. You could be here getting free books with us. This is one you’ll just have to order. You’ll be hearing much more about this title. 

yalsalit08 by you.Betsy, I want you to see that we do have cool things like people with book related tattoos in Nashville, also. I’m feeling a bit better about the book scene now that we are hosting great events. Many of us were talking about you here. Some said they have to have some Fuse with their coffee for breakfast.

One of the great things we have occurring at the YALSA Lit Symposium is *fun*! Many smiles, lots of happy people. Authors with hand cramps from signing so many books. People who love young adult literature and working with teens. It is a great event. Can’t wait to tell you more. 

yalsalit08 by you.

Tag your posts yalsalit08 and twitter them at using the hashtag #yalsalit08 for twitter. Wendy Stephens (twitter wsstephens) and Karl G. Siewert ( are posting and blogging.


  1. Rollie is the man. Now I have a picture standing by him! (even if he’s not paying attention)

  2. teacherninja says:

    looks like a blast