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SLJ Leadership Summit

Wonder why no posts? I’m off working hard in Hollywood, Florida, for the School Library Journal Leadership Summit "Remixing Library Collections for Digital Youth." Since we are on the beach, we have banned suits & ties. You can participate in this summit because many of us are using 2.0 tools. Visit these sites for more info:

The coolest ning in the universe which is collecting flickr photos, videos, podcasts, blogposts and more. (We are using the tag sljsummit08)

You can go to the ning and view some of our sessions through CoverItLive streaming video. Try it out. There’s still time!

Our twitter hashtags are #sljsummit08 and I’m actually twittering. I think you can follow me if you can find me on there. I "think" my twitter page is I usually don’t bother to twitter, but have been inspired by all those around me, including Wendy Stephens who is everywhere. 

The official homepage:
Many of us are on facebook updating our status.

My flickr page has lots of unique photos that I actually took the time to explain in the Summit Ning. Because I am in a rush to get these up, some of the flickr photos will be deleted soon. There are even some that show sand. Those are from the time I was climbing a sand dune and it collapsed on me. My camera started frantically taking photos so you’ll see some bizarre angles. Please ignore those. 

I’ll try to get myself all updated this weekend to share with you. I may have to chain myself to the lounge chair with wi-fi next to the pools, beach, and hot tub to work my fingers to the bone. Do you feel sorry for me? Hah! You, too, could attend these events. How about next year?

Wonder where we meet?
1st summit was in New York City right off Times Square (my first trip to NYC)
2nd summit was in Chicago 
3rd summit was in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Biltmore
4th summit is at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale/Miami)

the next summit???? Why don’t you suggest locations?


  1. teacherninja says:


  2. Thank you Brian for such a fabulous location. I already miss the beach… I mean the serious discussions and panels in which we partook as we redefined and remixed school libraires.