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Discover Big Cats, presentations, & reluctant readers

Discover Big Cats arrived with its series sisters: Discover Bugs, Discover Sharks (written by by Monalisa Sengupta), and Discover Snakes (written by Sujatha Menon). These Enslow Publishers, Inc. titles are part of the Discover Animals series intended for grades 5 and up. They are high-interest books for browsers and reluctant readers which fill the pages with […]

Winter Blog Blast Tour

Don’t miss out on the Winter Blog Blast Tour.  Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray posts the schedule. Be sure to bookmark the site so you don’t miss any of the 30 interviews. The exact URL’s and special links will be posted there: Here’s Monday’s line-up: Lewis Buzbee at Chasing Ray Louis Sachar at Fuse Number […]

SLJ Leadership Summit

Wonder why no posts? I’m off working hard in Hollywood, Florida, for the School Library Journal Leadership Summit "Remixing Library Collections for Digital Youth." Since we are on the beach, we have banned suits & ties. You can participate in this summit because many of us are using 2.0 tools. Visit these sites for more […]

Masterpiece & Award Lists

Make room on your state’s award lists because this new title Masterpiece by  Elise Broach will easily be added. Elise is the author of Shakespeare’s Secrets and Desert Crossing so she has "award cred" already. Perhaps Shakespeare’s Secrets didn’t fly off the shelves, but Masterpiece is an easier booktalk of friendship. Before 10,000 people email me about this, I did like […]

YALSA Lit Symposium

Ever realize you are so busy enjoying an event that you aren’t blogging it? I promise I will be posting much about the YALSA Literature Symposium going on in Nashville, TN as soon as it’s all over. Sorry you will have to wait, but I’m just having too much fun to pause. Hopefully others will be […]

Too many Cooks? No way?!

Our book fair is about 4 weeks away and I realized I needed to organize my volunteer group. Since this is my first year in the middle school, I’m still adjusting to the lack of involved parents IN the school every day. There are parents that will help out when directly approached, but don’t come […]

Keeping you updated on ALA

Just in case you missed the following messages, I wanted to bring these to your attention again: The cover story by Barack Obama that was published in the August 2005 issue of American Libraries is now posted on American Libraries Online:  Some important news about American Libraries. 1. Our weekly e-newsletter, American Libraries Direct, […]

No cheering?

Just a quick comment on the election. My student body was so ecstatic today that the principal had to get on the intercom and tell them that we were a learning institution and they had to stop chanting, "Yes we can!" in the hallways. What a wonderful problem to have! This population of 35 languages, […]

The Cat Post – Drawing & Learning About Cats

Drawing books vary greatly in depth, audience, and text. One of the easiest sets I’ve found for my little ones in elementary is Picture Window Books’ Sketch It! series. Let’s look at Drawing and Learning About Cats: Using Shapes and Lines by Amy Bailey Muehlenhardt. Feel free to go look at the others listed (Bugs, Cars, Cats, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Faces, […]

Blog the Vote – Diane’s Story

Why should you vote? Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray, Gregory K. of GottaBook, and Lee Wind organized Blog the Vote for Monday, November 3rd. Colleen is keeping the list updated so be sure to blog and send her your link. Remember: no bashing of the 4 candidates (Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin). Come by for coffee and I’ll […]