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The Door of No Return

Ever read someone else’s blog post or review of a book and wonder if you were both reading the same book or not? I disagree with Ms Yingling’s Reads blog post on The Door of No Return, when she writes: I wanted to like this, and the first 200 pages were great. Suspense, action, a smart and likable […]

My resolution is to WRITE (and read)

Yes, readers. I have spent too much time thinking and not enough writing. Those great posts I intended to put out, but I didn’t finish because they weren’t good enough, they are going to see daylight. After attending several wonderful author sessions at the TASL conference, SLJ Leadership Summit, and YALSA Lit Symposium in November, I realized […]

The librarian video?

Last summer I received my first link to the "Mom video" on youtube. Amy Bowllan wrote about it last week. Sometimes it takes some deep thinking on a topic so I’m ready for the discussion. If we were to compose the "librarian" video, what phrases would we include? What words fall out of your lips […]

Where’s my collection development plan?

In Christopher Harris Next Big Thing column entitled "Should Libraries Be Run Like a Business?" he suggests we should be detailing our collection development plan that shows we "are deliberate and thoughtful in your spending and provides a base from which you can address the impact budget reductions will have on the long-term health of the […]

Do you NEED to read?

Yesterday I wrote about my needing to slip away for a "moment to recover." Code phrase for "mom needs to go read for a minute so everyone leave her alone!" I received an email from someone asking why I would want to be apart from everyone to read on the holidays.  Yikes! I am not […]

I love Enola Holmes

Dear Nancy, I am sending you best wishes during this holiday season. Thought I’d drop you a little note to say after all the bustle of my 4 boys, presents, feasts, card games, and visits, I was able to slip away for a "moment to recover." Code phrase for "mom needs to go read for […]

Award Lists & How Nancy Werlin saved my reputation

The short of it:  I handed a student The Rules of Survival based solely upon the fact that A) Nancy Werlin wrote it, B) it was a National Book Award finalist, and C) was on our TN state reader’s choice award list for this year. I staked my reputation on Nancy’s ability to reach readers. SUCCESS!!! The student now trusts me […]

ALSC online courses

Want more training but you can’t afford to a) Go somewhere else; b) Take time away from school; or c) Work on someone else’s schedule? ALSC has an answer to this that is quite exciting. Registration will open December 29th for four online asynchronous courses using Moodle.  “The Newbery Medal: Past, Present, and Future,” taught […]

Best Book Lists

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Chains. Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. The Boy Who Dared. Booream, Ellen.      The Unnameables.Broach, Elise.      Masterpiece.Bryant,      Jennifer.  Ringside, 1925:  Views from the Scopes Trial : A Novel.      Collins,      Suzanne.  The Hunger Games.Connor,      Leslie.  Waiting for Normal.      Dowell,       Frances      O’Roark.  Shooting the Moon. Erdrich,      Louise.  […]

Nonfiction Series Lover

As 2008 winds down I see more and more best lists. This year a couple nonfiction titles have risen to the top of these lists (a cross-over miracle). We Are the Ship, Nic Bishop Frogs, and some Lincoln books are receiving attention. Marc Aronson posted about this in Come One, Come All: The Year in […]