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Snow Day in Nashville

Sugar Plum Snowflake by CaptPiperHappy Happy Joy Joy! I am loving a snow day on a Friday in Tennessee. You wake up to a beautiful landscape with 1-2 inches of snow (and very slick roads). By noon it’s all gone and you can go out shopping, dining, meeting with friends. I’m curled up with 20 books to read.

The snow began while I was still taking tickets for the Middle School basketball game last night so I was able to rush upstairs and grab more of those wonderful books pleading to be read. 

The joys of being a school librarian – snow days!!!

Don’t you love the snowflake picture taken by Julie Falk -AKA Capt Piper- I found while searching yahoo, flickr, and creative commons?  Be sure to go check out Julie’s photos for the Snowflake Project.


  1. Read a few for me as I am hard at work just barely 30 miles away. We can only dream about snow days here in Montgomery County!!!