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NPR focus on Reading with comments by Judy Freeman

What a wonderful surprise to listen to NPR’s story "A Holiday Reading Tradition for the Whole Family." The fabulous Judy Freeman provides comments and a holiday list at I encourage you to go listen to the 7 minute clip so you can reflect nostalgically on family favorite titles. 

You can find more book suggestions on the James Patterson’s website. Judy Freeman has posted a list of 54 titles that are "riveting titles you might want to buy or borrow (you can’t afford every book you want, which is why they invented libraries, thank goodness) for the holiday season and pull out each year right after Thanksgiving to share aloud, and reminisce over, and get ready for the celebrations to come. Just as Christmas cookies or Hanukkah latkes are traditions in many families, so too should great books be a part of the holiday fun."

I confess I have visited the ReadKiddoRead page eagerly and shown it to parents, but I was "in a hurry" and totally missed the community aspect. Fortunately Judy posted this message on LM_NET which helped me figure out where the truly interactive part of this site waits. Judy wrote:

As for my holiday booklist, you can find it on the site. Click on the COMMUNITY button at the top of the page and you’ll find my new Almost Can’t Miss Sure-Shot Books for Boys article and list (I’m working on the Books for Girls list this week); A Message about ReadKiddoRead (which includes an anecdote about our own Dawn Sardes) , and TWO, count ’em, TWO holiday lists: ReadKiddoRead Great Books Under the Tree 2008 List (which is an annotated list of 24 books to buy for presents for the kids in your life), and Books About the Holidays (which I think you can find under BLOGS, and which contains 50+ books about Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holiday celebrations and stories). If you haven’t been to yet, it’s sponsored by author James Patterson, who wants parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians to find great books, real pageturners, that kids will read and love. There are two main parts to the site: the booklists (and I’ve put up 140 reviews so far) and the Community Ning site, which is extensive.  

Patterson has put together the most fantastic site, and he’s passionate about it.They just posted, on the site, a YouTube video of him talking about it, if you want to take a look–click on COMMUNITY and then VIDEOS.

Another new thing–James just put up his interview with Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton (whose book for parents, Raising Bookworms, just came out this Fall). You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript on the site. When you go to the home page, click on INTERVIEWS.

Do feel free to write comments on the Community Ning site. We’re trying to get people involved in book discussions & recommendations. There’s a group called Librariana you could join, even. And if you want to link your school to the website so parents can find it easily, click on COMMUNITY, and then PARTNERS, and send them an e-mail. They’ll put you on their map. (Hmm, Judy, I couldn’t find that? Help?!)

I’ve been so lucky to get to work with James Patterson on this very special site, selecting the books, writing the reviews, and posting stuff on my blog there. I hope you’ll spread the word. Your kids will like it, too, I bet. Do let me know the books your kids are crazy about. I’m forever looking for new treasures and old faves for birth through teen. All I need now are more hours in the day so I can read them!

Okay, readers, I have joined and I am member #362. Share your numbers and your favorites. Tell me what cool widgets I should add. I’m still looking for great examples of teachertube and other videoettes demonstrating myriad ways to share booktalk.


  1. Judith Freeman says:

    Hi Diane–

    Wow! How nice of you to post all of my info on your amazing blog. Thanks so much! As it turns out, NPR only used a little bit of my 15-minute conversation with Lynn Neary, but it’s still pretty cool to hear yourself on the radio (though one friend claims it didn’t sound anything like me).

    About the ReadKiddoRead site, linking your school–I found out today that the map of linked schools across the US hasn’t gone live on the site yet, but it’s coming soon.

    And today I saw a very cute ad for READKIDDOREAD in the Arts section of the New York Times. OK, it doesn’t mention my name, but I wrote those 120 reviews it mentions, so that was pretty exciting to see. According to the site administrator, they’re getting 1,000 hits a day. Wow! That’s pretty amazing. I hope they’re finding some great books to share with their kids, too.

    Happy Holiday Reading, everyone–Do let me know if you’ve read something fabulous I should know about. I’m always on the lookout for great books, from birth to teen.

    Judy Freeman

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