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I forgot to mention that James Patterson will be speaking at the AASL Conference in Charlotte, NC 2009, also. 

Several months ago a friend emailed me to say that I had "trumped James Patterson" because my review snippets came above his on an email and web advertisement for the book Nick of Time. When the book came out in hardcover, James’ quote was above mine, but my loyal family insists that my quote was much more interesting. You gotta love your family. Still, I hope to meet James Patterson at the conference. Make your plans to be there.

While I’m thinking about Judy’s list of must reads, I decided to ask you which books do you read multiple times or multiple years during the holidays? 

I have found myself re-reading the Five Little Peppers and How They Grew so I could savor the Christmas scene (and the oven scene). I used the solitude of snowed-in days in Iowa to re-read Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. I will re-read some of the Grace Livingston Hill titles that have sweet, sentimental scenes of Christmas. Every year I eagerly ask my friends what new holiday titles they have read as adults. We do not tire of sweet stories for the holidays. Remember the Christmas Shoes

After reading a slew of military and war titles recently, I could use some nostalgic Christmasy titles. What do you recommend? ReadGrownUpRead

Here is 
a list of Christmas Romance Reads on
a list of Science Fiction, craft, nonfiction, and general fiction on
a list from the staff at AbeBooks of Nostalgic Christmas Stories
a short post from Doc Mom showing some of her favorite Christmas covers

Night Before Christmas in the Military, The (Night Before Christmas (Gibbs))I stumbled uponOff to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children The Night Before Christmas in the Military on and wondered if any of you had read it.  

There are several military books that I’ve curled up with this year. War Is…, Sunrise Over Fallujah, Off to War: Voices of Soldier’s Children (available from Junior Library Guild), and Christmas in the Trenches. Do you have any military – Christmas titles that you’d recommend?



  1. Linda Aragoni says:

    I reread Jan Struther’s Mrs. Miniver every New Year’s Day.

    It isn’t a great novel, but the scene in which she discusses the importance of having the right desk diary resonates with me. I recently shared my delight in Struther’s 1940 book with a woman in WalMart looking for the precisely right diary for 2009.