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My resolution is to WRITE (and read)

Yes, readers. I have spent too much time thinking and not enough writing. Those great posts I intended to put out, but I didn’t finish because they weren’t good enough, they are going to see daylight. After attending several wonderful author sessions at the TASL conference, SLJ Leadership Summit, and YALSA Lit Symposium in November, I realized most of my favorite authors were still keeping print journals. 

The authors shared pages from their journals, notes, and even their attitudes about writing. Many of these authors are highly connected via technology, but they still record every title they read, checklists, and lots of minutae. They don’t worry about their audience in their journals like we bloggers do with every sentence we write. So, this year I intend to begin again with a written journal where I will record every title I read. 

I posted on facebook and received several suggestions from friends of sites to use: Shelfari, goodreads, librarything, etc. I’m trying to give you a glimpse of what each looks like so you can help me decide where I should put my energies. Last year I had 2 different databases in Excel listing every title, all kinds of details and whether I had blogged or reviewed the title. Could I find the file when I was at school or home? Nope. This year, I’m returning to print (but I am open to suggestions).


 My compromise will be that I will periodically list what I’ve been reading. In part I hesitated to do this because I am a re-reader. I like to revisit novels that I’ve read before. Sometimes an author comes out with book 5 and I go back to re-read books 1-4. I will revisit nonfiction books in series after I’ve read a different publisher’s series to keep fresh in my mind which aspects I like or dislike in both. As a diverse reader I intersperse classics and simply-old-trashy books with more modern titles. Hopefully I will catch up with many of the titles that I felt everyone else in the universe had read but me and I will not be ashamed that I’m not only reading the most current works.

The big thing this year is that I will not apologize for what I read. If I decide to read trashy romances and gruesome forensic science, so be it. I’m beginning the new year with a down-to-earth practical look at reading patterns and I’m going to write more.

What will you resolve?

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  1. teacherninja says:

    I resolve to leave more comments on my favorite blogs!