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The librarian video?

Last summer I received my first link to the "Mom video" on youtube. Amy Bowllan wrote about it last week. Sometimes it takes some deep thinking on a topic so I’m ready for the discussion. If we were to compose the "librarian" video, what phrases would we include?

What words fall out of your lips without any brain processing? What has become so embedded in your professional-being that people will immediately recognize your words for library-speak?  Wouldn’t it be great fun for someone to gather all these phrases and create our own version of the librarian video? 

Share your phrases. Not every librarian says the same thing, but there has to be come commonalities. What are the phrases new librarians must learn?

Look it up
Use a bookmark
Cite your source
Line up quietly
Check it out?
Put it back
Can I help?
What do you need?
What have you read?
Why are you here?
Who sent you in?
Do you have a pass?
Didn’t anyone teach you anything?
Bring it back.
Renew it.
You aren’t the only one.
You have to share.
Use a shelfmark.
Don’t put it there.
Use your abc’s.
Where’s your pencil?
How can you take notes with no paper?

Come on, you are a creative bunch. I’m not very creative today. Help me out. What do you really say?


  1. Amy Bowllan says:

    I love this idea, and am laughing just thinking about it. :)
    Even though I am not a librarian, I would add the following line from the ed. tech side.

    -What’s the domain?
    -We’re out of paper?
    -A printer jam again?
    -Don’t use books to prop the projector.

  2. Nancy Edwards says:

    I love this idea… How about?…
    You need to find it? Use the OPAC
    Please quit the applications!
    De we Dewey? or something like that