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Marietta’s 2009 Children’s Chapter Book Challenge

Marietta from has a 2009 Children’s Chapter Book Challenge for everyone! This challenge is open to everyone, and you can join in at any time! Here’s the scoop from Marietta’s email on ChildLit:

  • Read one chapter book per month!
  • You can join this challenge at any time during the year!
  • Either you read the book with your children or your child reads the book by himself (or herself).
  • At the end of the month, report the following information to Marietta in the form of a comment on her blog!

    First name and age of reader/readers:
    Book Title:
    Illustrator (if there is one):
    Rate the book on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best.
    Give the book 1-5 stars with 5 being the best.
    One sentence (or more) of what you liked about the book.
    One sentence (or more) of what you didn’t like about the book.

    Here’s what a sample report will look like:
    First name of reader/readers: Marietta (Mommy), J.P.(8yo) and Will (6 yo)
    Book Title: My Father’s Dragon
    Author: Ruth Stiles Gannett
    Illustrator: Gannett
    Marietta-9, J.P.- 10., Will-10
    Marietta-*** **, J.P. *****, Will-*****
    Marietta: I loved the unique storyline and how my boys were completely enthralled with this book! J.P.- The adventure! Will- That Elmer saved the dragon. Marietta: Some of the animals were really mean. J.P.-I liked
    everything about the book. Will: I did too!

So, if you want to sign up for the Children’s Chapter Book Challenge, please do so by leaving a comment on her blog! You can simply sign up OR sign up and let us know what book you will be reading for the month of January!

Readers, I love challenges, but they can be difficult to remember to do. I’m off to take a nap after my very fine fun and friendly frolic last night. When I’m conscious, I’ll look to see if there are other challenges we can do together.


  1. Marietta says:

    Dear Diane,

    Thank you for posting about my 2009 Children’s Chapter Book Challenge! I’ve had several referals from your site!

    I appreciate your encouragement and support!