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Reading Trails

What’s new in social networking for readers? Reading Trails. I’m not certain I’ll invest a great deal of time in this tool yet or how to use it, but I’m up for exploration this weekend.

Reading Trails offers tools to organize books in a new way. A trail is a sequence of books linked in an interesting way. Unfortunately I feel brain dead this Friday night so I’m copying bits from the website to try to explain this. You go on the site and start browsing their trails until you find books you’ve read, then you click new trail. Here’s the interesting part:

Then ask yourself, what book should people read next? You don’t have to know why they should read that book. Trust your gut. And repeat. Once you get going, maybe you’ll find an overarching "reason" for linking those books together, or maybe not. In any case, you’ve made a trail.

Okay, being so uncreative today, I took a look around and decided to pull out the classics shelf of books that I’ve been re-arranging. Many of these are titles I’ve moved with me since I was 8 years old and yes, I was precocious.  Why don’t you join with me and help explore how we can provide trails to new readers.

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