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Blame Alice Yucht for the Meme tag

Yep! I like the thought of you blaming Alice when I turn around and tag you. She tagged me for the frustrating, pull-my-hair out meme and I can’t seem to resist participating. Now I have to think of 7 things you don’t (need to) know about me. Hmmm. I share everything with you. What’s left?

Classmates.com1. I am dreading this summer because it is my 25th high school class reunion. Why dreading it? Besides the weight gain, its because I was so very shy that I could never join "a group" of students standing around talking when I was in high school. I was so afraid and never knew what to say. Sometimes I’d duck down as my parents and I drove past corners where my classmates were hanging out because the kids might see me and I wouldn’t know what to say. I always felt so inferior and gawky. I think they thought I was stuck up. Do you know the feeling? I still hesitate to approach groups of people and initatie conversations. One on one, no problem.

2. I’m a crochet fiend. I love yarn crafts and will obsessively crochet afghans (my favorites). My record is completing a baby afghan in one day (matched 3 times). I have so much energy that watching television without something in my hands is torture.

3. I have to sleep with my feet out of the covers. I seldom wear socks either. My toes are constantly twitching. If twitchy people drive you crazy, you won’t be able to stand watching my feet. Unfortunately my black cat Maxie attacks my toes whenever I do slip them under the covers to warm up. She thinks its a great game and I’ll wake up #3 son yelping throughout the night.

4. I was nearly arrested in Hong Kong’s airport when my cloisonné belt set off the metal detectors. When I reached to undo the belt, they all pulled their guns on me and people started falling to the floor. They then vigorously searched my suitcase and ruined all the film that I had shot of Hong Kong so I don’t have a single photo of my trip there.

5. My favorite candy is Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups. Thumbnail for version as of 08:55, 4 February 2006Want my attention? Hand me a Reeses’ and I’m yours. I’m not talking about an inclination to prefer Reese’s. I’m talking a serious addiction. If I wake you up and tell you I need chocolate in the middle of the night, I’m not talking about any other brand and you’d better be putting your shoes on to go with me to get some because the tension is going to keep growing until this need is satisfied. I don’t remember if anyone has gotten hurt yet, but I might experience blackouts if I’m deprived too long.

6. I cannot resist a mystery novel. If I am visiting you and you have a mystery, I’ll come up with an excuse to get you out of the room and I’ll read your book. Since I’m a speed reader, my eyes can travel down those pages really quickly. Go to the bathroom and I’ll be on page 45 before you come back. I might not end a visit with you until I read your entire book.

7. I love to play Scramble on facebook, but I am currently pouting. When I first began, I thought I was pretty gameNamedarn smart. But as the number of "friends" I have has grown, I’ve realized that I am surrounded by friends that are smarter than I am. Doug Vicary, here’s notice that I’m going to beat you soon. Oh, did I mention that I may be a little competitive? I’m off to memorize the INTERNATIONAL version of the Scramble book so I can get all those 20 point words. 

Who am I tagging? Let’s see, I need to occupy my smart friends so I can beat their Scramble records so TAG YOU’RE IT to Doug Vicary, Sandra Andrews, Nancy Dickinson, Deb Logan, Ann Martin, Jennifer Locke, and Rachel Gordon (who currently tops my smarty-pants friend list.) <grin>  

Hey, I just had another competitive thought! If all my friends are smarter than I am, doesn’t that make me the smartest one for recognizing good people and surrounding myself by those who’ll make me grow? Aha! I found a way to turn being less than perfect into a perfectly acceptable position.


  1. But, Diane, I never beat you at Scramble! Why me???

  2. But, Diane, I never beat you at Scramble! Why me???