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Nystrom info from guest blogger Joseph DuLaney

I really believed I was too busy to tell you why I love working with Nystrom, so I asked my rep to help me write a blog post about what he has to offer. Then, I realized that sometimes you need to read the personal touch, too. So, reader, please read both of my Nystrom posts. Here’s Joseph’s:

Nystrom has been a provider of hands-on  Social Studies materials for over 105 years.  One of the main reasons Nystrom has been in business so long and gained the respect of schools the country over, is its focus on training and staff development of teachers.  Training is provided by a local Nystrom Representative on any purchased materials including maps and globes, atlases, hands-on programs and even small purchases if needed.

A typical training takes a look at what materials are in the building or just purchased, and walks a teacher through features, cross curricular links like Literacy and Math, and how to integrate the materials in with adoptive text.  A training session is typically 30 minutes and is really designed to “introduce” teachers to the materials.  Follow up training is always encouraged as is new teacher training.

Nystrom lives with one philosophy with its products and training….we want you satisfied.  The last thing we want to do is have something in your school that won’t be used.

Another service that often goes unused by schools is CARE Inventory.  If you need an assessment of what is in your building (Maps, Globes, Hands-On Programs) and if it is current, out of date, correlated to standards or just simply missing, CARE is perfect.  And best of all, its Free!  Once it is completed you will receive a copy of the inventory and any materials in your building that you might need based on standards.  It is the perfect solution for SIP planning.

If you would like to schedule a training and/or CARE please feel free to give me, Joseph DuLaney, a call at 615 497-0922 or email