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Have you forgotten the Printz Award?

Tomorrow at 5:30 I leave the house for ALA’s Midwinter meeting. IDenver Attending Button‘m looking forward to the Youth awards, but this year I have spent more time contemplating who might be nominated for the Michael L. Printz award. I found that so many of my favorite titles seem to fall in the higher age bracket than what others deem. Some people suggest titles for the Newbery that I believe are better Printz titles. 
Michael L. Printz Award
The Printz aware?  According to the ALA website, "The Michael L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature… The award is sponsored by Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association… YALSA produces seals for the Michael L. Printz Award which can be placed on the winning books." You can find more information including the criteria for deciding the winner and up to four honor books here.

I’m packed. The suitcases are in the car. I have one large suitcase with a smaller suitcase inside that contains my clothes.  I always hope to stock up on free books, posters, ink pens, and post-it pads so I can get through another semester. This year I have a new staff excitedly waiting to see what I’ll be bringing back. Unfortunately my schedule is extremely packed with meetings, receptions, and more meetings. I don’t have as much time for the exhibit hall as usual so when you see me there, I’ll be steamrolling through. 

My schedule is online using the google calendar tools. I believe you can do a simple search for Diane Chen @ ALA Midwinter and find me. Living your life openly in a web 2.0 world has some risks, but I think my biggest challenge will be to be in all of the places indicated at one time. Notice that in some of the areas I did put down details for lunch like roast beef and diet pepsi. This is so I won’t forget which box lunch is mine. My mom even reminded me on facebook that meals are important and said, "Don’t work all the time. Remember to have some fun." Thanks, Mom. I need to be a dutiful daughter and go have some fun.