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Blame Alice Yucht for the Meme tag

Yep! I like the thought of you blaming Alice when I turn around and tag you. She tagged me for the frustrating, pull-my-hair out meme and I can’t seem to resist participating. Now I have to think of 7 things you don’t (need to) know about me. Hmmm. I share everything with you. What’s left? 1. […]

Help? My classrooms have maps from the 60’s?!

Over the years I have been passionate about ensuring teachers have accurate social studies, history, and geography materials available in their rooms. I remember growing up incredibly bored in my classes and spending the majority of my time reading or staring at the photographs and maps around the classroom. After moving to Nashville, I realized that […]

Nystrom info from guest blogger Joseph DuLaney

I really believed I was too busy to tell you why I love working with Nystrom, so I asked my rep to help me write a blog post about what he has to offer. Then, I realized that sometimes you need to read the personal touch, too. So, reader, please read both of my Nystrom […]

Nashville Public Libraries Enfolding School Libraries project

Questions for Donna Nicely Friday December 12, 2008 via telephone interview:   Diane Chen: Newspaper and web articles have referred to this project as the school libraries being merged/taken over/and consolidated into the Nashville Public Library (NPL) system. What term are you using to discuss this project?   Donna Nicely: “How about “enfold?” The project is more […]

Reading Trails

What’s new in social networking for readers? Reading Trails. I’m not certain I’ll invest a great deal of time in this tool yet or how to use it, but I’m up for exploration this weekend. Reading Trails offers tools to organize books in a new way. A trail is a sequence of books linked in […]

Go Katie! Go ALA! See Katie’s Notebook

Have you noticed how often libraries are being touted as the Great Place to Be and Use during these tough economic times? The message is getting out there that libraries provide great value. Check out this video page from Katie Couric’s notebook. I love that she is quoting ALA because our professional organization is out […]

Covers and Corporate Control

Imagine you are the production team of a book (author, illustrator, publisher, cover illustrator, etc.) and you produce an outstanding product. Your marketing people contact the big corporate bookstores to see if they’ll stock your book, but they are told they have to make changes first. A discussion on childlit, kidlit, YALSA, and at various […]

Marietta’s 2009 Children’s Chapter Book Challenge

Marietta from has a 2009 Children’s Chapter Book Challenge for everyone! This challenge is open to everyone, and you can join in at any time! Here’s the scoop from Marietta’s email on ChildLit: Read one chapter book per month! You can join this challenge at any time during the year! Either you read the […]