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Are you territorial?

While chatting with my principal this week, he mentioned that as opposed to other librarians he hears about I am not territorial about the library. Is this true? Is this a good thing? Does this make me a weird librarian?

I go out and bring people in. I encourage them to take ownership and responsibility for their learning and their behaviors. When I have to be gone to conferences, I make sure that teachers know they can bring their students in to continue using library books, reference materials, and computers. I pack the schedule so the library isn’t unsupervised. Doesn’t everyone do this? 

Should I be territorial? What does that mean anyway? I "protect" the books and the equipment but I want everything used. I only let teachers and my technician sit at my desk in the office – no students. Of course, I never sit at my desk anyway so I don’t miss the space. Should I be guarding my territory? What is my territory? Why would anyone else guard their territory? Why wouldn’t we want our libraries to be the center of all activity? 


  1. teacherninja says:

    Why wouldn’t we want our libraries to be the center of the universe?

    Doesn’t sound like you have a problem to me.