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Rule #6 BUI only with friends

Wait! Wait! I’m talking about Blogging Under the Influence. Who you read has a tremendous impact on what you think. Who do you allow to influence your opinion on literature and children’s services?

Have you visited the February Carnival of Children’s Literature which was hosted on the Imaginary Blog this month? The Carnival is a unique collection of posts from the kidlitosphere blogs related to each month’s theme. February’s theme was We love Children’s (and YA) Books. 

Lynn E. Hazen asked bloggers to "Tell us what you love about reading, reviewing, writing, or illustrating children’s (and YA) books. What do you love about getting good books into the hands of children and youth? What do you love (or even what breaks your heart) about the world of children’s books?" Please go check out the compilations. 

Share a Story - Shape a FutureMarch 9 to 13, 2009, where will you be? Participating in Share A Story – Shape a Future of course! From their announcements:

Within the kidlitosphere, the children’s literature bloggers comprise and reach a very broad audience. One of the group’s greatest assets is its collective, community-minded approach to sharing information and ideas. Through events like blog tours, authors and illustrators have had wonderful opportunities to share their story and their craft. Given the success of tours for "producers," what about an event for and by the people who create and engage their readers: teachers, librarians, parents, and people passionate about literacy?

Voila! Share a Story – Shape a Future is just that event. This is an ensemble effort not only to celebrate reading among those of us who already love books, but to encourage each other to reach beyond ourselves and do it in a way that we are neither judging nor instructing others. This is a venue for communicating practical, useable, everyday ideas.

Fuse#8 blogged about this earlier and will be a participant, but since it’s such a "big" event, I had to mention it here, too. I’m all about the practical and usable ideas! In addition to the press release, now there is a facebook group and a page for tweeters

Readers, sometimes we are influenced by people who are not our friends. Sometimes you have to read what they write just so you can get annoyed, angry, and totally P.O.’d. In case you missed this post by the Annoyed Librarian, I thought I’d include the link. 

Now I’m off for more medication so I need to stop blogging. After the shots, x-rays, breathing treatments, and medications I endured today, it’s time to just curl up and read. No more BUI. I’m off to focus on breathing.