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March Theme for Carnival

From the Kidlitosphere:  Jenny Schwartzberg of  the Wonder Land of Books blog announced this week that the March Carnival of Children’s Literature theme should be anything Irish, about the country, culture, literature history, anything Irish-American, or even something green for St. Pat’s. Let your imagination work and have fun! It’s entirely up to you to take it on or to give her something else you want to share and she’ll say something Irishy in the cover text.

The deadline for submission is Friday March 25th and Jenny will put the Carnival up Sunday March 27th. Remember, you go to and submit your link. Plenty of time to pick a post and theme.

Hmmm! Something Irish or green. I think I’ll be posting about money this month since I have been listening to the new Suze Orman book on CD Women and Money while driving to visit children. How about you?


  1. Fran Cannon Slayton says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Go Irish!