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Coming of Age (updated list)

Let’s examine what’s new in Coming of Age titles.  Previously I had blogged in October, 2007 on Since I am solely blogging here, it’s time to move this over and update my links. April 22, 2007 I asked for help finding possible novels that deal with rites of passage or coming of age that […]

Deadwood Jones (Westerns for upper el & Middle Schoolers)

The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones Here is the short video intro: Here is the longer, newer video:

Thinking Maps vs Graphic Organizers

I love inservices and training. I don’t like sitting down for these or having to spend the majority of my day working in groups. I wish speakers realized we introverts need more time to do some of our thinking and work on our own instead of demanding all tasks are accomplished cooperatively. If you are […]

Comic books & Stone Arch got me in trouble

If Stone Arch didn’t create such interesting titles, that group of boys might have put down the 4 books I had (2 Batman and 2 Superman titles) and gone to their next class. Instead those boys were so entranced that they sat in the reading area and kept reading through half another period beyond their […]

ORCA newsletter

I’m wanting to share the latest newsletter from ORCA with you. Let’s see if I can find a way to format this. Learning to program in html is one of those tasks on my to-do list. Right after I clean the garage. News From Orca Book Publishers January 2009 News and notes… (Click on the […]

Abraham Lincoln Books

A more complete list of Abraham Lincoln books than I included this weekend: What Lincoln Said by Sarah L. Thomson, illustrated by James Ransome The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary by Candace Fleming Stand Tall, Abraham Lincoln by Judith St. George illustrated by Matt Faulkner. Philomel, 2008 Mr. Lincoln’s Boys, Being the […]

Connecting to the Kidlitosphere

Since this is a weekend of connecting, I thought I’d remind you of the many ways you can connect to the KidLitosphere. Mother Reader (Pam W. Coughlan) and the board members Elizabeth Burns (A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy), Kelly Herold (Big A, little a), Anne Boles Levy (Cybils), and Jen Robinson (Jen […]

Facebook Distractions

I should be working but instead I’m re-connecting with friends on Facebook.  Today, I learned how to insert a badge. Why do I need this? I don’t know, but I am still resisting the one-note pages and the 25 item MeMe’s. I have too much reading to do to focus on those.  What is your […]

Lincoln’s Birthday is coming

A team of 6th grade teachers came by to ask if we owned anything on Abraham Lincoln. There have been so many new titles this year. What can I show them beyond the others on display? How about these three?  Abraham Lincoln Comes Home by Robert Burleigh with paintings by Wendell Minor. Henry Holt & Company. 2008 Before […]

The Rainbow List is out!

Why am I so excited about the 2008-2009 Rainbow List? Because I truly loved Down to the Bone and I wanted to see it honored much more this past year. Note it is included here! In case you haven’t heard,  the Rainbow List is a bibliography of recommended books dealing with GLBTQI topics for youths […]