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YALSA’s 28 days of Advocacy

Throughout the month of February YALSA is hosting "28 Days of Advocacy" on its blog.  This is a joint effort by YALSA’s Advocacy Taskforce and Legislation Committee.  Each day a blog post on a topic relating to library advocacy will be featured on the blog.  Share this information with others who may be interested. You […]

Sister Wife – by Guest Blogger Becky Jackman

Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka is the story of 3 teenager girls trying to find their place in their community. Celeste is the main narrator who is struggling with her rebellious feelings against the polygamous community where she lives. Taviana is the newcomer to the community who welcomes the structured environment after living on the streets for […]

More Orca Book stuff

I couldn’t resist blogging about Orca after reading Becky’s post. Last week I returned from ALA to unpack 5 boxes of books. Through Follett I purchased as many of the Orca Soundings titles as I could afford.  I was tired of never having enough Bluford High books on the shelf and I wanted the students […]

Are you territorial?

While chatting with my principal this week, he mentioned that as opposed to other librarians he hears about I am not territorial about the library. Is this true? Is this a good thing? Does this make me a weird librarian? I go out and bring people in. I encourage them to take ownership and responsibility for […]

Midwinter Meetings

Forgive me, but I was so busy meeting and having fun at ALA Midwinter that I neglected to include you blog readers. If I promise to include you in ALA Annual, will you forgive me? In this age of virtual participation, people ask why they should attend meetings. I recognize the economic hardships, but there is […]

Curling up with Ben Roethlisberger

Get your minds back on books! Yes, it’s Superbowl Sunday and I’ll be avidly watching the commercials – I mean the game – tonight, but today’s experience is going to be heightened by my background knowledge on Ben Roethlisberger. Hooray for Bearport Publishing and their new series Football Heroes Making a Difference. I have had […]