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Saluting Mrs. Robertson and Service Awards

Meet Deborah Robertson, library clerk at JFK in Nashville, TN. Deborah has served as an assistant in our district for over 37 years. Last week she received her "35 year" service award. It was placed in her mailbox. No pomp. No ceremony. No personal thank you from anyone in charge. Hopefully the gift will reflect the value of her service, right?

We open it up and … What? Wait a minute! You work for one company for 37 years and they give you a salad bowl with the company name on it? It’s not even engraved with your name? We are talking about getting up every work day for 37 years almost as many days as I’ve been on the planet. Shouldn’t schools do more for their faithful employees? 

Mrs. Robertson deserves far more accolades simply for putting up with upstarts like me that insist a little noise is okay and chaos is welcome. Thank you for all that you do, have done, and will continue to do every day, Mrs. Robertson. You don’t look old enough to have served 37 years, must have started in elementary.

What does your district do?


  1. Dana Stem says:

    Darn, I didn’t get to hold the salad bowl.

    Maybe our new leader will recognize the need to celebrate the faithful.