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New Rule: No Reading while walking

Reading can be dangerous. Particularly when you are walking on the edge of a sidewalk. Note to self: badly Reading Pattern Recognition by askpang.spraining foot and ankle right before Spring Break is NOT good planning. Did I really want to spend the next 3 days in bed? 

I spent today home, but tomorrow is inservice and I "need" to be there. Who else will advocate for reading, books, library lessons, and collaboration? If I roll around in a chair and put my foot up every time I’m sitting, does that count as "taking the day off and spending it in bed with foot elevated?" These doctors who give us directions like – reduce your stress and get some rest – must read fantasy books on their days off. 

So let me check my rule book this far:
No reading while driving
No reading while sitting behind the wheel in a traffic jam even though the car isn’t going anywhere because that’s still technically driving and someone else may get irritated
No reading while at the movies
No reading while bicycling 
No reading while standing at the top of the steps and holding the dog’s leash – particularly if the neighbors cats are out to play
No reading during the pep rally because you might get called upon for a skit
No reading Janet Evanovich in public at all – hysterical laughter while reading might cause others to step away from you
No reading at the gun range (don’t ask!)
and now…
No reading while walking on sidewalks (I’m sure I have a rule about running into walls while reading somewhere in this list)

What have I forgotten?

Thanks to AskPang for the photo.


  1. Amy Bowllan says:

    For teachers…no reading when students are working on tests.

    Sorry to hear of your woes. :)

  2. Absolutely hysterical blog! And so true for the avid reader in all of us.
    I was saddened by #2, because I always do that! But, rule noted.

  3. Rule#2 really hit home when I was stuck on highway for 1.75 hours recently. Everyone turned off engines and I read 2 books during the time. I still nearly had a heart attack when a friend tapped on my window. He reminded me that you shouldn’t read behind the wheels because you can get so absorbed in the book, but he agreed that in that instance, I wasn’t really “going” anywhere.

  4. not marian says:

    or reading at concerts by a book light. i used to do that all the time then i just stopped going to concerts :)

  5. No reading while at a party. I went to a party where a husband and wife sat side by side on a couch reading their paperback science fiction novels. The party was going on all around them. They were oblivious.